Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deep Thoughts

If you're gay, don't use the phrase "man cave".



Steve said...

What do the gays call it? I call it an office.

Kor said...

Man Cave is such a stupid term. It just seems to imply that a dude should be ashamed of the things he enthusiastic about and has to have a secret out of the way place where they can be hidden from view.

My friends wife has a sewing/craft room, they don't call it a "Lady Pit" or something equally as subtly derisive... although I'm sure that term sounds equally as suspect coming from a straight guy. :D

Tom said...

Not being gay, you guys probably don't get the subtler meaning. Sure, a stereotypical name for a gay bar might be The Man Cave, but there's a deeper meaning there. Ponder it for a moment and then you'll go ewwwww.

One day I'd like to have more space... so I could setup a spacious desk setup for my computer, but also have a racing sim rig next to it, where I could flip a couple switches and have my computer instantly attached to it (wheel and monitors, etc.). Plus, I'd like to get back into music recording, and have space for messing around with my R/C planes.. basically a hobby room.. with a 42" LCD on the wall and a ridiculous sound system.

Maybe some day that'll work out.. or I could just move all the furniture out of the dinning room and move my shit in there. It's not like we ever have a sit down dinner. We eat in front of the tv, and since we're both basically ill, we're shut-ins and don't have people over.

That's actually a pretty good idea. The dinning room is just outside the study. I could run a long ethernet cable under a rug or something.