Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Asshat Quote of the Day

I think he needs to reboot by embracing Bowles-Simpson in its entirety (but he's far too timid to do that and he fumbled the moment when he really could have done it) and challenging Romney on his big Pentagon spending. - Andrew Sullivan

Most Americans (probably 95%+) have no idea what Bowles-Simpson is, but Sullivan really really wants it to pass because that'll put old people in parks.  Sullivan really thinks that Obama backing something that nobody knows what the hell it is, is going to make a difference?  What a joke.

Most Americans think that reducing the deficit during a deep demand crises is sound economics.  That's simply another reason why Americans deserve to end up living in parks.

Sullivan is in full pearl clutching mode as the polls show Romney essentially tied in the campaign, with momentum on his side.  Romney has managed to do this by lying with impunity.  That's why Americans deserve him.  Ultimately, Romey is about 90% identical to Obama, so it doesn't much matter.

But what most everyone is missing is that Obama really doesn't want to win.  The only thing he controls is his own debate performance, and it was so bad there's no way his plan could have been otherwise.  In the next debate, Obama will make an effort to appear at least somewhat interested, but he'll lose again because that's what he wants.

The only reason I can see that Obama winning would be a good thing is that it would piss off the Loon Brigade.  That's really the only interest I have in politics anymore.  I like seeing the crazy people lose their fucking minds.  The rest of it is unimportant because it's all rigged.  All the national politicians are pretty much exactly the same.  There is only one who is actually different, and that's Dennis Kucinich. But then, he's been labeled "crazy" and thus doesn't matter.

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