Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holy Fuck

About an hour ago (6:00am), we were dead asleep and Riley started going ape shit. It's not unusual for him to do that if there is a noise outside the house, but within seconds I heard a bang.. being not fully sharp at that point, I thought somebody was in the house and dropped something. My first thought was to lock the bedroom door and call the cops, but instead I went bare ass naked through the house looking for the mother fucker that was trying to steal our shit, prepared to go (naked) Bruce Lee on someone's ass.. (I do have a black belt in karate, believe it or not, but that was years ago).

Nobody was there.

We went out the back door and John says that what Riley heard was a neighbor coming or going from across the alley in the back of the house because John heard the car noise and saw some lights in the alley.

We went back to bed.. and a few seconds later, John gets up and looks in the garage, the garage door is open, and our $95,0000 Mercedes Benz S-550 is gone. That's the noise that I heard.

Fucking fuckers.. It's possible that John left the garage door open. He had his work truck fixed by a local garage, and we went and picked it up this after noon. I drove the Mercedes back and he drove the truck. When Riley heard John get back, I let him out the door so he could go greet John in the drive way, which he likes to do.. and that probably threw John off from remembering to close the garage door. Maybe.

I was totally amped for fighting somebody, and it's going to take a while to calm down.

John and I had both completed the classroom requirements for getting a concealed carry permit, but we haven't filed the paperwork nor bought a gun for each of us. At the time I thought somebody was in the house, I was wishing I had a gun.. but had I looked in the garage first, with a gun in my hand, somebody might be dead.. so it's better that the car is gone and nobody got hurt. It's just a thing.

During the classroom training, the trainer guy (who was obviously very right wing), asked us where we would keep a gun in the house and in what condition. Would we keep it next to the bed, loaded, with a round chambered and the safety off? At the time, I thought that was a little absurd, but thinking about it now... I wouldn't have wanted to go open the safe in the closet, get the gun out, load it, chamber a round, flip the safety off and then go looking for the asshole in the house. It might be different if there were kids in the house, but there aren't.

I think we need to get the gun, even though I detest violence. I was literally and figuratively naked, going through the house convinced there was somebody inside. I didn't even have a baseball bat or any weapon at all.

Damnit.. that was a really nice car even though the inside of the windows were slathered in dog slobber. Riley and Token loved riding in it.

Ultimately, we're okay and we'll get another car at some point since John needs to look the part for his real-estate business.

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Steve said...

Crazy man, glad you both are ok.