Sunday, April 15, 2012

Code Monkeys Unite!

It's good to be the king;

Do you code for a living? Then congratulations, you have the best job in America right now, according to a new survey.

CareerCast, a site for job seekers, listed the top 200 jobs of 2012. Software engineer had the best overall score when you average work environment, income, stress level, physical demands and hiring outlook. The site, which used Department of Labor statistics, pegged the average income of a software engineer at $88,142.

My job has been shitty lately.. in that I'm having to work. I might even be heading to Salt Lake City in a few weeks - haven't got confirmation to book it yet, but probably going. I haven't traveled for work in ages, but it would be helpful. I've recently been assigned to a.. umm.. how is it phrased in common.. oh I know.. suppose you're a lawyer and you've been doing tax law for the last 5 years, and now you need to do a criminal case.. without a net. Ya.. it's sucky.

On the other hand, I work from home and can take a nap for lunch, and I get paid pretty well.. although I know I'm a bit underpaid (guys I know have switched jobs for 120k recently), but it's okay. I still have it better than 99% of the people in the world. I'm pretty sure that's not an exaggeration.

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