Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm Still Alive

Just haven't had much to say. Okay.. I will say this. Batman: Arkham City is a really, really good game. It had a fairly good size main plot, but I wish it was longer, or there was much more available via DLC. There are some characters still at large, and it would be easy to construct more content around that. The puzzles were great.. the combat neat.. the graphics cool, the animations top notch, the music great, the sound perfect. It is just a great game, and I don't say that about games too often.

Speaking of great games.. looks like Project Cars is going to be delayed about six months, which isn't that big of a deal. I've seen the "career path" and it looks really good. There is quite a variety of series options. I really think this is going to best racing sim ever made. We have a private forum at the site for investors, and some guy went off the deep end to get there. He took out a second mortgage on his house and such.. used his kid's college money and such. He ended up investing about as much as I have, but that's just a really stupid thing to do. I'm sure we won't lose money, but this is about the worst way possible to get involved in project investment. He was perplexed why I didn't welcome him to the super secret club of adventurers like the others had done. I answered him honestly. It went reasonably well.
 As for politics, Obama continues to do really horrific things. The Loon Brigade is still fucking insane... and I the upcoming election is going to suck. I'm trying to avoid as much of it as possible, but I still hope Obama loses.
Blogger has an all-new interface, and I hate it. The old one was fine. This is one of those situations where they have hired programmers and designers and such, and so they have to do something.. even if that something is completely useless.

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