Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Internet Isolation

I find it pretty fun to be involved in a community forum that has a common interest.. a hobby, or a game.. things like that. The one I participate in a lot now is focused on the racing game that I've got some money in. It's pretty entertaining and has pretty much all the same types of people and drama that I've seen in other forums. There's quite a few people that write really stupid things.. and then I play my part of being the annoyed 'know it all' that tends to smack down the morons in what I think are amusing ways.. and then other morons get their hackles up.. and so on. Basically, it's the same shit over and over.

One of them posted this today;

Hi, i know this really isnt the place or time. but i am really, really upset right now. My best friend has taken him own life. spent the last 7 hours in tears, and pretty much breaking down again right now. I already miss him so much. I have no idea why he did it.. as everything was going so well for him recently.

I'm going to miss him.:'(

I'm sure having a best friend check out early is traumatic.. but what I don't get is the posting of that on a game focused forum. It's heavily modded and so there are no sociopaths ripping him a new one.. but still.. what the fuck?

If I were seriously into sociology, I'd probably get involved in about 10 forums with different topics.. such as one for culinary arts.. one for European history buffs.. and so on.. cover a wide range of topics, and then analyze the distinct personality types that emerge. I figure there's only about 5 types.

Something is really fucked up if somebody is posting shit about their friend offing himself on a forum about a racing simulator. He's not the first to post something like that in this game forum. Another member wrote something about being lonely and depressed. My first inclination was to post something like.. "wtf are you doing posting this here?", but others might confuse that with being insensitive... whereas I think I'm being very sensitive in basically asking why they don't have some other fucking person that exists in the real world to talk about it with.

That seems a lot different than drunken forum posting, which can be amusing when you wake up the next day to read something you don't remember writing. At least I think it's different.

Call me insensitive, but I think posting that kind of shit on the net is pretty sad. Then again, it would not surprise me at all if the kid just made the shit up.

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