Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dream a Little Dream

Jaguar has a new model arriving in 2013, the CX-16. It is simply stunning.. 390 HP with another 95 HP on tap from a Formula 1 style KERS system, which stores up energy from braking and turns it into a 'push to pass' system. The interior is stunning as is the design cues of the exterior. It has a Japanese sense of technology, wrapped in modern European sensibility, with an American support system.

Yes, it has a similar body styling to a Maserati GT, but I think it's much more, and for less money. It's not audacious like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. It's civilized aggression for the 40-something crowd.



Steve said...

That's a fine lookin vehicle, go ahead and get yourself two, and ship one out east. :)

Tom said...

I really like it. In fact, I think it would fit me better than a GT-R, and is less money than a 911 turbo.

The first production run will be in 2013, so getting one used would be a problem. Buying new carries a price premium, but may still be possible.

The next car I buy will likely be it for me for a very long time, so I need to get it right. I can't believe I've had my G35 for almost 10 years now. I bought it in the fall of 2003. I would be buying this car for road trips, and the occasional Friday Night Fine Dinning and such.. so very low miles.

I've never bought an extended warranty before, since they are usually a waste of money but I might on the next car.

This car gives me the shivers, which is usually the indication that I need to buy one. I just hope my earnings from Project CARS more than pays for it, which I think is likely.

When you get to your mid 40s, I'm sure you'll be looking for your own touring car that costs more than a year's salary.. and by then they'll have some really amazing offerings.

Have you past 30 yet? Still with the same girl? Still haven't married her yet? Kids these days...

Steve said...

Ha, I'll be 32 in a few short months. Same girl, she's finishing up grad school this spring and then we'll see where we're at.

She just landed her first real job, starts on Monday, so that's pretty exciting.

I'm still inclined to purchase something on the 3-4 months salary price scale. Maybe by the time I hit my 40s I'll be comfortable w/ the "more than a years" :)

Damn pretty though... maybe I'll buy yours used in 8 years. :)

Tom said...

Time flies. You're damn near the age I was when I moved to Dallas and that seems like.. well, not yesterday, but a few months ago.

Guess you're not going to have a kid then? Your biological clock is ticking on that one. I'm the youngest of 6, so my dad was 40 when I was born.. it was kind of odd to be in cub scouts and have a 50 year old father.

Glad you finally put your bit... errr.. girl to work. If you don't end up with kids, you'll have plenty of money to get your retirement setup and have some fun getting there.

It just occurred to me that I haven't heard from Brandon in a while. I hope he didn't go back to wow. He needs to move out of the sticks and meet some city girls before he ends up 50 and never married.