Monday, December 12, 2011

Victory is Mine!

I scored zero points in a game of Hearts. It took 3356 games* to do. You cannot imagine how many times I've come close, only to take points on the last hand.

I'll bet none of you can do it..

* I didn't play complete games.. I restarted the game as soon as I took a point.

This is a rather big deal to me.. heh


I also play some FreeCell. My usual routine is to play one FreeCell and a few Hearts games just before bed. It helps clear my head and all that.

It's probably not a big deal to have a perfect record in FreeCell. There are some difficult hands that can take a while, and there's one impossible hand. The odds of getting the impossible hand is very low.. obviously.


Steve said...



I guess I best get started...

Kor said...

I used to be able to beat a game of single card draw Solitare in 50 seconds... that's about the peak of my Windows games abilities.

Steve said...

So, yeah thought I try to take this on today. I played about 10 games... on my 10th it looked like this:

Hand Me West North East
1 0 26 26 26
2 0 26 26 26
3 0 26 26 26
4 0 2 17 7
5 1 0 1 24
T 1 80 96 109

Mother Fucker! Stupid 10 of clubs on like the 3rd to last set.

Bleh, guess I'll keep trying. Usually it's hand 4 that owns me, when you don't get to pass.

Note: The spacing may be off in above chart.

Tom said...

LOL... I was sure you've been trying to do it.. and sure enough.

I've played 385 games since my 0 score in 12/12/11, and have had 1, 1 point game, and a couple 2 point games.

You haven't reset the stats have you? What's your total played to get your 1 point game?

Tom said...

Oh.. and I've been playing chess more lately, so fewer games of hearts and freecell.

I learned chess when I was something like 8 or so, but never thought much of it. I'm getting into it now. Basically I'm just learning how to evaluate an opponent attack and how to setup forks. I'm pretty bad atm, but it's growing on me.

Steve said...

This was the first time I've tackled the task. The internet was down at work so I had time to kill. I scored 1 point on my 10th game.

I played a lot of chess as a child, and even tried to get more into it a few years ago with strategy books and such, I didn't really enjoy learning all the strategies though. It was kind of boring.