Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dogs on Credit

I got a new debit card, and thought it replaced my existing card, but was in fact a new card for a different account. I cut up the old one without thinking - so now I need to replace it.

The weird thing is that on the bank's web site, you can't order a new debit card, but you can order a customized card for free. I went ahead and got a new card with Mr. Riley on it.. I know.. smarmy sentimentalism.

I still want to get Pedobear on one of my cards.. maybe my regular Visa. What are the odds that the minimum wage lacky that reviews the card image submissions knows what it is?


Actually.. the really weird thing is that one card doesn't control all my accounts, but is in fact linked to a specific account. I guess it's that way because if you use the card, it needs to know exactly which account to debit.

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