Monday, December 19, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

Yes, he acknowledged the torture and the chaos and the failure. But his hatred of religion and tyranny overwhelmed his pragmatism. There were times when he relished violence against the violent and evil - and even believed in its virtue. I cannot. My faith prevents me. But I understood his secular good faith and realized how big and sudden a leap he had made from "left" to "right" and the difficulty of admitting, in retrospect, that the left had been right, in this seminal case, if for almost all the wrong reasons. - Andrew Sullivan
Sully is responding to critics of Hitchens' view on the Iraq war.

I get the point he's trying to make. I often encourage the religious extremists have an all out fight to the end, and leave the rest of us out of it. I don't mind when confirmed terrorists get Bin Laden'd when it's not possible to capture them. I understand the concept of revenge. However, as Sullivan points out, Hitchens never repented as many, including Sullivan, later did.

What's really annoying about the paragraph, though, is Sullivan's continued hatred of the "left" for being right. Of course the dirty fucking hippies couldn't have had the foresight or wisdom to see Iraq was going to be a giant cluster-fuck. They only got lucky when they opposed the invasion!

They were "right for the wrong reasons"? What fucking reason did he think lefties opposed the war? What a complete asshole.

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