Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Not a Toomah

And I'll live!!11

My doctor has new newfangled computer thingamajig and she can send me a message that I can read off their web site.

Brain MRI no sign of mass , tumor in inner ear, goodnews!
only some sign of left ethmoid sinus thickening. Do you feel any symptoms of sinus infection? i know you use the astelin. Watch
for green drainage, facial pain, fever.
Normal MRA of brain. No sign of aneurysm as well !

So ya.. wtf is causing my problematic symptoms then.. eh? I'll bet she just sends me to the ENT.

I've started taking 5-HTP on a recommendation. It's been 3 days I think, and I don't really notice any change. Maybe it takes longer to kick in.


I was absolutely sure I had a tumor.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent news! I'm thinking about going to talk to someone just to see if I'm really having issues. Lost someone close to me recently that may be causing some of my problems. Need to talk to someone not a part of the family or close friend to get that impartial opinion. Hang in there.