Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Beautiful Mind

So now I know that I'm not a cyborg, sent from the future. I really do have an organic brain... at least if they haven't substituted the images to hide it from me.

My doc thinks the sinus thickening may be an infection, so I'm taking a nuclear bomb of an anti-biotic that's going to kill off any infection, along with all my digestive bacteria. I've also got a steroid series which should help me feel better (including the tinnitus).. along with another pharmaceutical cannon.. for the mood.. wheeeeeeeeee

I'm also going to make an appointment with my ENT for 3 weeks. If it turns out that the anti-biotics fix everything, then I'll just cancel the appointment.. or maybe not.. I do have basic hearing loss and so I might as well at least get tested. We've hit the deductibles for the year anyway..

Hopefully it won't be long before this shit is behind me and I can go back to writing about stupid people.

Oh.. and John is having knee replacement surgery before long. When it rains...

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