Sunday, November 06, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

If a democracy cannot adequately investigate credible concerns that it accidentally killed three prisoners while experimenting with new torture techniques, then it really isn't a democracy any more. - Andrew Sullivan

I think it's becoming clearer that it's never been a "democracy". If the office has power.. real power.. then your choice of candidates amount to the same thing. Such will be the case with whoever the next President is.

Sure.. there are some net positives that come out of politics occasionally.. such as Social Security and Medicare.. but you have to consider that in a broader sense, it's just staving off a French style revolution.

Americans are to blame, of course. Nobody wants to know about murders at Gitmo, or drones blowing kids to pieces in the Middle East.

.... but if you stick your dick in the wrong place.. well.. now that's completely different.

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