Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ya, And?

On the second day of his bus tour through North Carolina, President Obama acknowledged in an exclusive interview with ABC News that the challenges facing his re-election stem in part from the disillusionment of his supporters with his leadership on the economy.

Not just the economy, but being the complete opposite of how you campaigned can cause people some "disillusionment".

I'd wager that Obama seems tired and listless once the republicans have a candidate and the campaign is well under way. I don't think he really wants to win re-election. I don't think George Bush did either, but sort of just fell into it because Kerry was rather terrible.

Heck, if Kerry had won, we might then have had President John Edwards, and that would suck.

Whoever the republican is.. we want them to win. I just can't believe Michelle Bachmann failed and Sarah Palin chickened out. With Rick Perry folding, we're not going to have a tea bagging freak running against Obama and that's disappointing.

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