Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dumbest Ever

Doug is clutching his pearls over a proposed law that would criminalize satirizing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Indeed, it appears to be an egregious violation of the 1st amendment. That's just not something that should become law.

The TSA is being granted the same kind of unconstitutional above-the-law powers that the IRS has. You dare say anything, or portray anything against them, and you are dust. . . with no due process.

Yep, if the law passes.. they will simply incinerate you without any trial or conviction. That's a horrible thing. Doug is absolutely right.

Let me see now. We have a TSA that irradiates citizens with naked body scanners, TSA agents that shove their hands down the pants of old ladies and grade school kids, Muslim agents frisking nuns, and all this while they cower and refuse to check the obvious Muslims for fear of being singled out as being racist, or Islamophobic.

It wouldn't be a Doug Gibbs post, though, without some blatant lying in it. The TSA treats everyone the same. Weird that he's suddenly an opponent of airport security though. And what is an "obvious Muslim"? Do they go around chanting verses from the Quran?

But the very best part..

Talk about the democrats doing whatever they can to protect their Gestapo operation.

Except, all the Congressmen that have introduced and sponsored the bill are... Republicans.

To top it off.. the bill doesn't restrict speech rights. It merely makes illegal the act of passing one's self off as a TSA agent, or TSA employee in a deceptive manner. It's exactly the same thing as laws against pretending to be a cop and such.

Doug is the dumbest mother fucker on the planet.

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