Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lies and the Lying Liars

What business owners really think about "regulation"...

WASHINGTON — Politicians and business groups often blame excessive regulation and fear of higher taxes for tepid hiring in the economy. However, little evidence of that emerged when McClatchy canvassed a random sample of small business owners across the nation.

"Government regulations are not 'choking' our business, the hospitality business," Bernard Wolfson, the president of Hospitality Operations in Miami, told The Miami Herald. "In order to do business in today's environment, government regulations are necessary and we must deal with them. The health and safety of our guests depend on regulations. It is the government regulations that help keep things in order."

You know what causes a rise in unemployment? Lack of demand.

Liars like Doug Gibbs think that if you just remove regulations, which keep products safe, and remove taxes, suddenly businesses will start hiring people. The truth.. the painfully obvious truth, is that businesses hire and fire based on meeting demand. If a company has the right staffing levels to meet demand, and you reduce the cost of doing business, they just take that as extra profit.

Math is hard werk.

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