Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deep Thoughts

The Cowboys will be starting a basketball player at right tackle in tomorrow's game against the Jets.

Not kidding.

They had planned to start their first round pick.. a rookie with a lot of potential.. but he's injured and there's nobody else. The guy who will start played basketball in college, and had one year of football, playing on the defensive line.

So ya.. one total year of football experience, on the defensive line, and he's starting for the most prestigious sporting organization in the world against one of the best teams in football.


In football, players and coaches are accountable for results. We saw Wade Phillips get fired after 8 shitty games last year. We saw 7 veterans, including 3 pro-bowlers, lose their jobs this year because of what happened last year.

The one you can't fire, though, is the owner. In this case, it's an egomaniacal mad-man called Jerry Jones. He has to be the general manager of the team. He has to make personnel decisions. He's the one responsible for trading for Roy Williams and giving him a huge contract, only to see him drop nearly every pass thrown his way as some sort of joke.

I actually like Jerry Jones as a character.. but he shouldn't be making football decisions for the team. He knows how to make money. That's it. And fingers get pointed in Dallas.. a lot.. but nobody ever points the finger at Jerry. You're not allowed to when he signs your check.

It might seem a bit unfair, and it probably is, considering that I predicted last year's Cowboys would win the Super Bowl and that team was also constructed by Jerry. I don't really know that much about football either, except I do know who can play and who cannot.

This year, an 8-8 record is optimistic. The Cowboys have weapons on offense, but the defense is terrible.. and seriously.. starting a fucking basketball player at right tackle? You have any idea how hard that guy is going to get owned? They'll just keep blitzing from that side, and the Cowboys will keep having to put Jason Witten on next to the tackle.. and they're just going to get hammered.

Romo will be lucky to survive the game.

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