Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weather Bullshit

I generally dislike the cold. The way my body works, I'm frequently cold - whereas John is usually warm. During the winter, I head to bed shivering, while John thinks it's just comfy or maybe a tad too warm to actually fall asleep. When I wake up the morning, I'm usually a furnace. I'm not sure what sort of weird biology is going on that causes me to be frozen going to bed, but a nuclear reactor when I wake up.

I guess it goes without saying that I'm the one that gives in on the temperature war. If it's too warm, John just won't sleep so that doesn't work.

Just thought of something.. and I can't believe I've been freezing my ass off going to bed when I don't really need to. I can buy an electric blanket.. put it between the sheets on my side of the bed, and turn it on an hour before bed time. Then I can just turn it off and pull it out of the bed and jump in all nice and comfortable. That'll solve that fuckin' problem. Duh.

Anyway.. I love the spring weather when we know there will be no more freezes and it's going to be a nice breezy warm for at least a few months. This year, we went from popsicles to roasting in the fiery pits of Hell in like a week. Next week Dallas will break it's all time record for days over 100f (that's really fucking hot to our Aussie friends on that other fucked up temperature system).

We haven't been able to enjoy the summer and because I "work from home", I'm pretty stir crazy.. not to mention that I've had a weird sinus issue going on for a while that's kept me out of the gym (hoping the Indian pharmacy delivers me salvation in a couple days - shit got stuck in customs for an entire week). The dogs are even bored out of their fucking minds because during the cool weather, they get near-daily walks in the park, and near-weekly visits to the off-leash dog park. They're probably in the house 23 hours a day now, and that's not good for high energy dogs. Riley, in particular, is still very young and needs to be burning a lot of energy, and not just by fucking with Token all day. (Token needs therapy now, but that's another story)

Riley is an Irish dog and we have to be exceptionally careful about the heat with him because he's built for cold. A few times this summer, we thought 95 might not be brutal, took him the short route through the park, and all of us were fucked by the time we got home.

When it's 25 outside, I can jog a couple miles through the park with Riley and Token and they're right in their element then... even while I'm running to keep from falling over dead from hypothermia. I was born and raised in the Northern suburb of 7th ring of Hell, so me and cold do not like each other much.

I know what's going to happen - we're going to have 100 degree heat one day, and 3 days later it'll be 40 for a high, and winter will set in like that sinus problem that keeps fucking with me over and over and over again. We're not going to get a stretch in the 60s and 70s like we usually do.

I haven't even flown my fucking airplane since.. something like March because of this stupid weather.. and that was early March, coz shit got really fucking hot really early this year. Damn good thing I have a simulator for the plane that I can plug my remote in to my PC and get the feel back, because it's very easy to crash these fuckers and without some practice, I'll destroy it.

It reminds me of iRacing, which I signed up for a couple weeks back. You can be cruising along in your (virtual) race car, just putting in laps and staying steady when all of a sudden something like.. a cheeseburger pops into your head, and the next thing you know, your car is in the fucking wall and you're getting towed back to the pits.

If you're just doing a simulation of something, be it flying an R/C plane, or piloting a sports car around a virtual race track, you can easily lose focus in an instant, and you're done. I'm pretty god damn sure that the guys who are doing the real thing are paying attention out of fear of becoming a smear some poor sod has to pick up with a shovel, and a footnote in the local paper.

*Side Note* I watched a documentary on youtube about Formula 1 racing back in the 60s and 70s. That was some scary shit. Drivers were burning to death, trapped in their on-fire cars, on a regular basis.. and the heartless fuckers just drove around the immolated victim, and kept racing. If you want to see that crazy shit, the first of four parts is here.

I'm not shitting you at all. Car upside down, bursts into flames, driver is unable to get out - burns to death.. while other drivers are just continuing to race. I mean.. holy fuck. They didn't even have medical crews on stand by back then. I guess they figured that if you lost control of your car, there was no point to medical assistance.

Anyway.. I'm really god damn annoyed with this weather. It has been relentless.. and unvaried.. and dry as Michelle Bachmann's poon. I'm ready for some NFL football, and some mild weather, with the occasional chance of rain.

And for those of you that know my gaming habits, I'm pulling the trigger and going to unsub from wow. I haven't actually done it yet, but I'm as close as I've ever been and despite Ish's protestations, I'm just done with that shit. I'm tired of playing a game that requires team-work and the rest of my team isn't on my skill level. For some reason, I never seem to end up on the team where everyone else is of higher skill. That would be nice for a change.

At this point, I'll compete in iRacing where success and failure is completely up to me, and play BF3 for fun, and find some nice, long, single player RPGs to eat up some time. The new Elder Scrolls game looks like the ticket.

That, and I have started recording a song.. lol. I ran into a stumbling block, but if I get some sudden motivation, I'll try to finish it. It could be pretty cool, or completely stupid. We shall see.

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