Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get Rich

Here's a tip for you that you don't learn in business school.

If you start a company, and it's successful and you start making really good money, pay for most everything else in your life with funds from your company. If you go to Starbucks and buy an over-price latte, you were entertaining clients. Have your company pay for your dry cleaning, because the cloths that your company bought you are a business expense. Put your housekeeper on the company payroll. If you buy a new teevee, it's for the conference room of your company. Even your grocery bill can be paid for by the company - you were feeding your employees a snack.

What this does is removes all of that money from your personal tax liability. You pay yourself out of the company's profits and so the company pays no taxes because it's expenses are at least equal to it's profits. You personal tax bill is lower because you pay for pretty much everything in your life with your company.

This is common knowledge among wealthy business owners, and every last one of them does it. It's why that, by far, lower and middle class Americans pay far more of their income in taxes than wealthy people do. It's true that a family of 4 with a total income of about $50k is not paying any federal income tax, but they pay all sorts of taxes on everything else.

Want to see something really funny? Here's a recent Doug post, where he worships the wealthy.. It always makes me laugh when people who are not wealthy do that shit..

It's got all sorts of blant lies, which are the hallmark of a Doug Gibbs post, strewn about it. Like this;

how about the over forty percent of Americans that don't pay taxes at all?

Off the top of my head.. sales tax.

He's a lying fuck.


Speaking of house keepers, we're looking for a new one. Chiquita has non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and will be very sick for a while. It's quite a sad situation for them - they're poor and what income she was bringing in will be gone, and there's basically a 50/50 chance that she won't make it.

I may joke about a lot of things, but that's not a joke at all. Hopefully she responds well to the treatment because she is a nice person and doesn't deserve to have life shitting all over her all the time.

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