Saturday, August 27, 2011

Teh Gay Down Under

Apparently same-sex marriage is being debated in Australia. If somebody had asked me, I would have sworn up and down that they already had marriage equality.. but apparently not.

Good news though.. one of their MP's (and a Catholic to boot) has 2 gay brothers and so naturally.. when somebody knows someone who is gay, they typically come down in favor of marriage equality.

Unfortunately, it's not likely to gain much traction. Australia still seems a bit culturally backwards.. at least from the view in America. I just could have sworn that Australia would have been more a contemporary of the EU, but lumping them into that culture is obviously flawed. They are, after all, a continent onto themselves and fairly isolated at that.

You'll probably find the same-sex marriage debate tracks with religion there.. which is why destroying organized religion is an important goal. And by "destroying", I mean the gradual enlightenment of the population, not some Doug Gibbs paranoid fantasy of locking them up in detention camps.

Once populations reject the Magical Sky Wizard, we'll have solved the majority of the world's problems. Of course, I wouldn't mind accelerating the pace by placing the opposing factions in close quarters and letting religion do what it does to sort it all out.

Putting it on the teevee would be a bonus.

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