Friday, August 26, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

In truth, the liberal left is launching the same attacks and strategies they did in 1980, and like then, they are fully convinced that the more conservative the candidate, the better chance the democrats have to either win, or to destroy the GOP forever with a failed conservative president.

The real loons say they are rooting for people like Bachmann or Palin.

Be careful what you wish for. There were loons just like you back in 1980 saying the same about Reagan. . . and we remember what happened there, don't we? - Douglass "I've got a really small secret" Gibbs

Hey! You can't start calling me a "Loon" when I've already applied that label to you. That's like copyright infringement or something.

Face it Doug.. the nation is fucked either way. Obama has been an unmitigated disaster, and the likes of the vapid Palin or Bachmann will only make it worse. They're a whole new level of dumb, and you know it.

The reason why I'm rooting for them is that since we're doomed regardless, we might as well laugh while it all crashes and burns. Palin and Bachmann are the most awesome comic relief ever.. breath taking stupidity is just funny.

That and Marcus Bachmann being gay is one of the funniest things ever.. and I find it hilarious that you're in denial about that.

I'm going to contribute funds to the Republican nominee for President - that's no joke. I'm going to vote for them, whoever it is.

The big secrete though.. is that while things crash and burn, it's the poor and middle class that will bear the brunt of it. Like I've said before.. you can't have rich without the poor. I used to be altruistic (look that one up too) when it came to politics, but after Obama - no more. If Americans are too stupid to demand more from their politicians, then they deserve what they get.

They deserve Sarah Palin.. just so I can point and laugh... kind of like I do with you.

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