Friday, July 22, 2011

Teh Gay Wins Again!!!1

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pentagon chief Leon Panetta has decided to end the ban on gays serving openly in the armed services and certify that repealing the 17-year-old prohibition will not hurt the military's ability to fight, officials said Thursday.

I'm really only posting this kind of stuff so I can get to the comments;

John 10 hours ago
Rules are made to reflect society. The majority of the U.S. thinks homosexuality is immoral and wrong. True, in America, the minority has protection from backlash. However, the majority opinion must be respected. Therefore gays should not recieve special rights like the benefits of marriage.
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Most of society thought interracial marriage was "immoral" when the Supreme Court struck down anti-miscegenation laws in 1968 - thus forcing 13 states to re-write their marriage laws. What he wants is mob rule. That's not how the Republic of the United States functions. Scary that he actually thinks that way.

And, of course, most Americans support same-sex marriage, making the entire point null and void.

Wade Foster 13 hours ago
So at functions gays will show up with their "partner" and slow dance with them while others are with their wives or gf's

The military has proms? Really?

Rick S 7 hours ago
if i have to hear another one of these fairies tell me they were born gay, i think i'm to scream. gayness is a lifestyle you choose your not born with it. i'm pretty sure when i was 5 years old, and playing baseball with the kids, i didn't tell them " hey guys all of sudden i feel like a f a g and ah om o.

Right.. the way it works is that one day.. you're on the basketball court, and suddenly you think "hey, I should suck his dick to see what it's like". That's totally how it works.

Robert 14 hours ago
I can see it now. Gay men, locked aboard a submarine for six months at a shot, showering, bunking, and 24 hours a day around men they are attracted to. And people think there's not going to be a problem? LOL. It's going to be hell for both gays and straights. Personally I wouldn't want to be locked in a cage with the hooters girls for six months and be expected to sit on my hands the whole time but..whatever...
This isn't going to work. It'll take some time for the " incidents " to start popping up but rest assured they will.

Because there were no gay sailors on submarines before! All of a sudden, the siren lure of Teh Gay will overwhelm the crew and the Soviets will discover the location of their "boomer" sub because the volume of It's Raining Men is just too damn loud.

RAY 12 hours ago
Sick world we live in..... Being a homosexual is so unnatual and sick!

Because things that have existed since the dawn of the species is "unnatual".

... and it's not really a "sick" world we live in.. but rather a "stupid as fuck" world.

Dreamin 14 hours ago
Without God in the picture it is easy to make up the rules as we go along. What is now referred to as 'equality' is nothing more than Sin. We have turned our backs on our Creator and will suffer the consequences.

Tell it to the black Americans.. ya!!

Patriot 12 hours ago
Not accepting homosexuality as normal does not make anyone abnormal.

No.. it makes them a closet case.. and a jackass.

A Yahoo! User 11 hours ago
I retired from the miltary after 30 years. I would never serve if the gays were allowed.

Which is exactly the same thing some said after racial integration in the military. I like the idea of people quitting over it. It'll result in a less psychotic military.

Stoneface 13 hours ago
Has everyone forgot God and his words on the subject? There is NO room for gays and lesbians in his house.

Your "God" anyway.. I totally agree. Your god is an asshole.

The litany of stupid is endless.

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