Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Duh, Winning!

Buh.. bye

HUDSON, New York (Reuters) - A town clerk in western New York has resigned to avoid being forced to sign marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples, citing religious objections to same-sex marriage.

Laura Fotusky, the town clerk in Barker, New York, said in her resignation letter that she will step down on July 21, three days before New York becomes the sixth and largest state to allow gay nuptials.

Fotusky was not immediately available for comment, but in her letter, dated July 11, she said she believes the Bible takes precedence over man-made laws.

"The Bible clearly teaches that God created marriage between male and female as a divine gift that preserves families and cultures. Since I love and follow Him, I cannot put my signature on something that is against God," she wrote.

"I would be compromising my moral conscience if I participated in the licensing procedure," she wrote.

Hopefully somebody beats her to death if she eats a shrimp. It's the only way to be right with God, you know.


As usual, the comments are the best part;

"That what you do to the least of me, you also do to me." Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior.

Ironic that those that profess to be hot for God are the least familiar with Jesus.

Paul 58 minutes ago
I just want to throw this out there. I know I will probably get many thumbs down, but I believe that this is wrong. Why is it ok for a two men, one straight, one gay, to use the showers at the same time at the Y, and the gay guy can go home to "think" and "pleasure" himself to the company he had in the showers? But yet, a straight man cannot use the women's showers to do the same? And likewise the other way around. The other thing that is gross is the fact that he knows that the showers at the Y are a "sight-seeing buffet" for him. I know it's a little far-fetched, but I wouldn't want someone "getting himself off" at home while he secretly stared at me in the showers earlier in the day.
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