Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beware the Loons of March

Finally.. an epic anti-gay rant from Doug. We haven't had one in ages. He didn't say a word about the same-sex marriage law in New York when it passed. In the past, that would have made him go (further) insane.

I think it's reasonable to infer personality traits to a person based on their writing. I put a lot of my own personality into what I write, and so it goes with blogging. It isn't traditional journalism.

That said.. if you look at Doug's post, he spends 31 paragraphs setting up his point. As you can see in this post, I used 2 paragraphs setting up my point. My point is two-fold. First, Doug is clearly gay and has forced himself into the heterosexual "lifestyle".

Second, his sanity is hanging by a thread. Most bloggers write as it comes to them, not as a novelist would prepare an outline and fill it in. You can tell a lot about how a person thinks when you read their blog. Those first 31 paragraphs of his post is how he actually thinks. I'm not a psychologist, but there is a condition where people have "racing thoughts". They're unable to calm down their own mind into a relaxed state and are often overwhelmed by their own thoughts. Doug clearly is experiencing that effect.

Third, I'm fascinated by Doug Gibbs.. as a study into character types. Clearly I'm pretty much diametrically opposed to Doug on a philosophical level, and so it seems to me to be a good idea to understand how he thinks. But it goes beyond that. Some people get hooked on reality teevee shows. Doug is a reality teevee show in text. People watch Snookie on teevee and are engrossed by the train-wreck. I read Doug in much the same way as people watch the teevee.

His post is basically unreadable. I did read it. He's quite disturbed.

and my inevitably deleted comment;


It took you 31 paragraphs to get to the point. Are you off your meds?

Still - we haven't had a good anti-gay rant from you in a while. It's just not quite as good as ones you've written in the past. It does amuse me that you think about gay sex though. It's funny that you think you know what the mechanics of gay sex are, and think that all gay people engage in those same mechanics. It's funny that you don't think straight people do the exact same things. That you have no idea what is "natural" and what is not is silly.

Here's some things about your religion that anyone, say.. a voter in Murietta, needs to know about you. You do not often state them boldly, because you're basically a coward. Still, it's true.

You think anyone that is not a christian is going to "burn in a lake of fire", or suffer "eternal seperation" from god. That includes Jews. Every single day, many Jews in the nation you so love, Israel, die. They end up in the exact same place that say.. muslims or atheists do.

It goes further than that. You think that any christian that believes in the "many paths to god" philosophy is not really a christian, and therefore are also bound for the lake of fire. This, ironically, includes George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Both are hell bound.

You are convinced that if not for a belief in "god" and "Jesus", a person would be ruled by sin and committ acts of evil on a regular basis. You do not think a person can be moral simply because they have an innate understanding of good and evil. Therefore, atheists and agnostics are immoral by definition and are regularly "sinning".

You don't seem to understand that it is YOU who cannot control yourself without your complete investment in the Magical Sky Wizard, and the rest of us do not need some crutch to be good people. We're just that way naturally. Therapy could help you with that, I think. But hey.. whatever keeps you from murdering your family is a good thing, so if it's unseen dieties that float your boat, more power to you.

Getting back to the gay thing.. one important thing you're missing, is that once marriage laws are consistent throughout the nation, the "gay rights movement" will cease to exist. There will be no more point to it, and gay people will simply be an integrated part of the nation, and the issue will evaporate. That's the goal, and there's nothing you can do about it. You know that.. right? I happen to think you're as gay as Marcus Bachmann, because I can tell when somebody is gay or bi with a great deal of precision. I understand why some people throw themselves into Jesus as a coping mechanism. When you're young, being openly gay takes some courage and it's not an easy thing at all. That leads to all sorts of twisted coping mechanisms. Being openly gay, without guilt or hesitation is wonderful.. but some people just can't do that because they fear the response of those around them, or they were mentally abused as children. The religious often abuse their children in that way.

Quick story.. I have a friend that I went to high school with. He's a youth pastor in Tuscon. He has a wife and two kids. He's gay. He didn't think he had any choice but to go that route when he was young, and now, while he loves his kids, he thinks he's living somebody else's life. His life is tragic, and while I've never tried to counsel him on what he should do about it, I've told him that he only gets one life.

It does annoy me that you keep equating being gay with negative characteristics like kleptomania. You've equated it to murderers before. You don't seem to understand that such analogies are silly. Your basic premise is wrong. Being gay is like being left handed, or having two different colored eyes. It's just a biological trait that happens in a small percentage of the population. You only equate it to some negative social behavior because of your own perception of your homosexuality. You see it as an evil in you, so therefore it is an an evil in other people that are gay. Those of us that are well adjusted to it simply see it as a different shade of a color because we're not tortured by it.

It's not like I'm "glad" I'm gay. I'm not "sad" that I'm gay either. I just am gay, and so it's just who I am. I simply think the law should treat gay people the same as any other, and that's where the whole "agenda" stops.



Yes, I understand that a global system will probably take shape upon the rise of the prophesied anti-Christ. But that does not mean we should sit back and let it happen.

Holy fuck, he's completely lost it. The only thing left to do is for him to start putting some of the crazy into action. He's basically a coward, so it's a toss up if he'll actually end up in a stand-off with police or not.

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