Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tough Shit

And not terribly surprising;

A more striking symbol of the impact of cuts to education funding would be hard to imagine: A gleaming new Southern California high school that cost more than $100 million to build will sit empty and unused, because the local school district doesn't have enough money to run it.

In 2007, voters approved approved bonds to finance the building of Hillcrest High School in Riverside, which was intended to relieve overcrowding at a nearby high school. But thanks to major cuts in state education funding, the local school district can't afford the $3 million it would cost to pay administrators, teachers, and other staff, and to handle the other expenses that come with operating a school.

So ya.. they can't afford 3 mil a year to run a brand new school and help some kids get a better educations.

I wonder how many freedom bombs you can buy with 3 million? They probably dropped way more than 3 million worth in Libya today.. They probably killed some more kids while doing it as well.

Americans are definitely getting what they deserve... every bit of it. I suppose one could argue that we thought we were electing a guy that was going to end the wars because he said he was going to when he was lying to us during the campaign.. but really... he's just a part of the machine that Americans want.

So, instead of education at home, we kill kids abroad.. and then whine about the decline of American economic might. Well - fuck yeah! That makes the rest of us wealthier in a relative sense.

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