Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quote of the Day

"It's his constant refrain for everything that ails mankind. It just seems like we have an epidemic of, 'Blame it all on the illegal aliens, blame it all on the Mexicans.' It's amazing that the public doesn't rebel against this type of scapegoating." - Roberto Reveles, the founding president and a current member of the Phoenix-based Hispanic civil rights group Somos America

McCain had blamed the Mexicans for starting fires in Arizona, based on absolutely nothing.

It's odd that anyone would "rebel" against blaming the dirty Mexicans for anything. That's what Americans do. It's always somebody else's fault, no matter what the situation.

Expecting that non-Hispanic people in Arizona "rebel" against blaming the Mexicans is pretty absurd.

The thing is.. John McCain is old and losing his mind.. and you'd think that he would be advised just to shut the fuck up and go retire. There must be better things to do in the few years he has left rather than being a complete moron in public.

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