Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Too Wii

TOKYO – Nintendo stock plunged Wednesday in Tokyo despite the much ballyhooed unveiling of the Wii U, the successor to its hit Wii video game console.

The demonstration of a prototype at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the gaming industry's annual convention, in Los Angeles on Tuesday, appeared to leave investors disappointed and skeptical.

Nintendo Co. shares closed at 16,970 yen ($212.44), down 5 percent. The benchmark Nikkei 225 index ended flat.

Shuji Hosoi, analyst at Daiwa Securities Co., said it was unclear how successfully the machine would compete against smartphones and tablet PCs, when device-based gaming was already having to vie against social networks.

I don't get how devices with 6" screens can compete with consoles you connect to your HD tv. I don't understand why anyone would want to game on a "tablet" PC. The screen is tiny. If anything, I want bigger and more monitor sizes, with faster processors and better graphics.

It seems like the tech is taking a step backwards, by design.

Does the latest generation of kids not care about the quality of the visuals, and the presentation of the the technology behind the game? I tried playing a game on my PSP and I hated it. I haven't even touched that thing in years - it was a waste of money.

I even hate the current generation of gaming consoles. I have a PS3 that I use as a Blu-Ray player, and streaming Netflix, but I won't game on it. It looks like complete shit compared to my PC.

It is possible that the next generation of consoles might change that, if they all ensure full 1080p resolutions at high frame rates. If they can pull that off, I might be tempted to game in front of my 73" HD TV, and high end audio system. But I still prefer to game on my PC. I like Windows 7, and I like the input devices on the PC. I hate controllers and like mouse and keyboard, which I guess can be accessories on the consoles.

But playing a game on a phone? People are satisfied with that?

I keep hearing about how the next Play Station is getting cut down in features, and now the new Wii looks like shit. If Microsoft puts out some cutting edge tech in the next X-Box, they might just kill off the other platforms.

My preference is just to kill off all the consoles and focus on the PC. I don't really give a fuck if somebody can't afford $500 just for a video card.

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Kor said...

The 6" screen is inside the main controller and receives a wireless video signal from the machine, the actual console still plugs into the TV like any other.

That being said I'm pretty sure this thing is doomed to failure. Spec wise rumour has it that this thing is only marginally more powerful than the current offering from Microsoft and Sony... which is bat shit crazy considering those things will be taken out as their primary platforms within the next 2-3 years. Once that happens Nintendo will end up right back in the same position with a console that’s completely gutless compared to the competition and will simply become the vehicle of the half assed low res B team ports from the other 2.

All that being said... I'll stick to my PC running games at 5760x1200, I’ll still be light years ahead when the Xbox 3 only supports 1920x1080 (shit I was running a higher resolution that that in 2006). Fucking keen to see Nvidia's Kepler architecture at the end of the year.