Sunday, June 05, 2011

Crazy As...

Ya, I know.. I'm "obsessed". I can't help it. This shit is some of the most entertaining insanity you can find on the net, and it needs to be highlighted.

You know - when Doug begins a post with a disclaimer, he's going into Scary Crazy Land. It absolutely never fails. Something like;

I am not one to necessarily follow conspiracy theories, or follow after folks like Alex Jones, or jump to conclusions without evidence to support data I am exposed to.

As soon as I read the first sentence disclaimer, I know something good is coming. It's like how a good novel can suck you in with it's first paragraph. Stephen King is the master of doing that, but Doug Gibbs comes in a very close second in building the anticipation.

Of course, when Doug is really on form, he can weave in the intrigue of a coming provocative topic by saying something so ironic, it can only come from someone with a complete lack of sense of the irony.

Those with religious tendencies tend to be, in the opinion of the statists, too independent in their thought, and place God at a higher level of importance in their lives than government.

Should I explain why that's so hilarious? Oh.. why not, it won't take long.

Religion, by definition, is acceptance of the super-natural absent any "evidence" what-so-ever. The religious are members of the herd, and are the polar opposite of "independent in their thought". They are given the dogma, and integrate it into their personality. They place God at a higher level of importance in their lives as a group - not independently.

It's the same for any religious designation, be it christianity, islam, or judaism.

But let's just get to the funny part, shall we?

Scientists, and now also American Government scientists, have concluded that a gene causes people to be religious, and that it is possible to stamp out God by manipulating the brain with a virus to eliminate religious tendencies - and they are discussing how to accomplish that in meetings at the Pentagon RIGHT NOW!

As hilarious as that statement is.. Doug seems to think it's true. He misses the obvious conclusion if we grant that the conspiracy theory is actually true.

Religion has nothing to do with a super-natural being. Ones propensity to be religious is determinative. It's not a "choice" - it's merely a condition caused by a particular type of chemistry in the human brain.

What Doug has just done is argue that free will doesn't exist, because it is a gene in the brain that causes one to be capable of investing their being in something that is unprovable by definition.

Did that not occur to him? I'm guessing it didn't.

The government engineering a virus to destroy religion is even better than Doug's claim that the government created HIV.

I'm assuming that the anti-God virus won't affect people like me, who are already immune to the siren lures of religion. Doug seems to really enjoy being persecuted though, so he'll be happier when the gov'mint unleashes the God-killer bug on the US population. Heck, if our military just sprayed the stuff over the islamic nations, that'll ensure world peace.

Let's hope that Doug's theory is true.. lol

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