Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

Neurotic Tom is especially entertaining. I imagine him bent over his keyboard with saliva and sweat drenched lips, bloodshot eyes, and the blood veins popping out of his reddened neck as he pounds his fists on his keyboard trying to figure out ways to get under my skin. - Doug "I'm not gay, I swear" Gibbs

Actually.. if we were to take of picture of my process of making Doug look like a complete moron, it would be more pointing and laughing than pounding my fists.

That was followed by;

Neurotic Tom usually doesn't deserve any attention. His obsession with my site is hilarious. The fact that in this latest stab he pulled together posts over a year apart is incredible. Tommy? I'm a happily married man (to a woman). Does your boyfriend John know you have such an obsessive infatuation with me?

Doug likes to do the "Tom doesn't deserve attention" bit pretty much every time he references me on his cesspool of a blog.

Whatever hit him the head all those years ago destroyed whatever sense of irony that he had, and about 100 points of his magnificent IQ.


Holy fuck.. look at that tie.. circa 1974, and the shirt.. looking like it's being inflated like a hot air balloon. I take it he can't afford decent couture, and has no idea how silly he looks.

I would literally die from embarrassment being dressed like that.


Is that a balance beam behind him?

LOL.. holy fuck


kris said...

I have a great deal of empathy for the long-suffering Mrs Pistachio.

Tom said...