Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What Do You Live For?

Hitchens, suffering from what may very well be terminal cancer, engaged in debate, as he has often done;

Taunton said he drove Hitchens to Birmingham this week from the Washington, D.C., area, and had Hitchens read aloud the prologue of the Gospel of John, which they then discussed.

Hitchens referred to that in the debate, saying that if Taunton found out Jesus did not exist, it would ruin his life.

Taunton responded at the end of the debate. "It would ruin my life," he said. "It would suggest this life is a sham."

Hitchens shook his head. "Don't give up so easily," he said.

It never ceases to amaze.. that people find that life has no meaning if really horribly written fairy tales aren't true.

This is why you can never convince some people that the whole "belief" thing is just a bunch of made up hooey designed to separate them from their money. It's one thing to consider that there may be some "creator", but to actually think you know the mind of that creator.. or believe in whatever "prophet" story some people conjure up is just stupid as fuck.

I hate to be that blunt.. but seriously people. Consider the whole Jesus thing.. or Mohamed.. or Moses.. or whatever the fuck silly ancient literary charter you prefer. Really study the story of that character. Ask yourself if it isn't one of the dumbest stories anyone has ever created. Then go ahead and think your life has no meaning without it. That's just sad beyond words.

That's really the whole point behind rational thought. That somebody who is debating Hitchens about religion thinks their life is ruined without the fable is what exasperates us. How is it possible for a human being to actually think that way?

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That whole santa and easter bunny fuck up ruined my life!