Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Portrait of Evil

Check out the presidential seal on chimpy's boots.

Greenwald explains why the latest crop of "crazy" tea-bagging republicans are the same as the institutional republicans. The only difference is that they are proud of their crazy and put it on display.

There's really very little difference between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan.. and to a large extent, Barack Obama. I just find it refreshing to see the honesty in the crazy, and I hope it "leads" this country. I want Doug Gibbs in the United States Senate.. seriously...

Either way it goes.. we're going to get crazy mother fuckers leading this nation. It's what we deserve. Most Americans are crazy, ignorant freaks. I just want it on full display.

Will some people get hurt in the process? Well.. there's 4000+ dead soldiers because of the Chimpster and Darth Cheney. They are crazy and evil mother fuckers that caused a lot of harm, but they were pretty good at getting Colin Powell to wave vials of white powder at UN meetings, as if that was why we were going to have a lot of people killed. They seemed "serious", not like the teabaggers who are just crazy right wing freaks... but George Bush is exactly the same as Sarah Palin, except George grew up with vast amounts of money and training in how not to appear outwardly insane. While he sometimes didn't do a very good job of it, at least he tried. He knew he wasn't supposed to appear helter skelter.

If I advocate for.. not just by apathy, but actually argue for.. elected representatives that are crazy as fuck, is anybody going to die that wouldn't have otherwise? Well, there are hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis that had nothing to do with the "war". There are thousands of dead American soldiers. Even in Afghanistan, the "hopey changey" guy is launching unmanned machines of death on innocent civilians.. (whoops!) in a war that most Americans oppose. Obama keep sending more and more troops in order to appear as "tough" as big daddy republicans, and insists that he can order Americans abroad killed - just because he says so.

What I want is for the crazy to show itself as crazy, rather than hide behind some smoke screen of reasonableness. The end result is going to be the same no matter who gets elected. I just want to be entertained by it next time.

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