Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Intentionally Doomed


This goes beyond "doing something", and into the realm of actually doing something to excite the base. The administration has done virtually nothing designed to reward its partisans. Half measures and compromises with Republicans who voted against final legislation certainly doesn't count. Failing to follow through on promises on everything from comprehensive immigration reform to DADT doesn't help. Fighting to open up more shoreline to drilling doesn't help. Lilly Ledbetter was a step forward, then the Stupak Amendment was two steps back.

In fact, from the beginning, this administration and Democratic congress seemed more concerned with "bipartisanship" for the sake of bipartisanship, than they were in passing the best possible legislation possible. Harry Reid came off the gate in 2008 by immediately whining about "60 votes" -- something I don't recall ever hearing from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. The Obama Administration indulged Max Baucus' "negotiations" with Republicans Mike Enzi and company, even as those Republicans publicly bragged that their entire strategy was to delay and obstruct.

People may whine about cable hosts and bloggers who point out these failings, and try to shoot the messenger. But we don't have a noise machine like Fox's. Rush Limbaugh reaches a third of the conservative base on a weekly base. There is nothing even remotely close to that on the Left. Limbaugh's weekly audience is 20 million. Keith Olbermann's is maybe a tenth of that.

No, this mess is the administration's making, with a healthy assist from Harry Reid's Senate. The shame is that Nancy Pelosi's House, which did its job, will bear the brunt of the voter backlash. But the White House won't be spared.

Reiterating a point I made the other day...

I find it strange that Kos, et. all, seem to think that the Obama administration is perturbed by the coming electoral crushing. They're not. Liberals are trying to goad Obama into doing something dramatic. He won't. He'll go play golf.

For Obama to give a shit would require that he have some sort of agenda left that needs implementing. Anybody know of any policy initiatives in the works? Any at all? I mean, besides destroying the New Deal, does President Obama and the Congressional Democrats have any agenda at all?

They know it'll be way easier to not do anything when they can just simply blame the Republicans. That's a lot better than continuing to control the House and Senate.

Want to know why Limbaugh's audience dwarfs Olbermann's? Because Liberals aren't motivated in politics as if God is commanding them. Politics is not our religion, but conservatives have successfully blended Jesus and the GOP. Those 20 million people watch Limbaugh because he is a prophet of their religion. It quite literally means that much to them.

Most liberals are like me.. educated, not poor, professional.. giving a shit about other people and sensible policy, but we don't consider this shit as a battle for our soul.

Mostly I give a shit about the social issues, and there's nothing the Jebus freaks can do about the trends. The very worst that the Republicans do will not affect me, except to maybe cut our taxes some more. Oh darn.

That's why I'm happy to see the politics turn into a circus. The Democrats had their one chance to actually be Liberals, and they blew it. They will not get another chance. They will be out of power for a very long time. Sure, the GOP will fuck shit up pretty bad.. but we won't get fooled again. I will never, ever, donate money or give any political enthusiasm to a Democratic candidate for office.


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