Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Not Everyone's Best Friend

I despise people who abuse animals. It's nice to see the geeks at 4chan are putting their considerable skills to work to track these fuckers down - and hopefully they are punished very severely.

I simply cannot fathom how people can abuse animals like that. There must be something in our brains.. something that controls the sensation of empathy.. that is missing in these people. It should be an innate revulsion to cause harm like that, and yet they do. Extreme punishment should be a consequence for it.

We walk Riley in a near by park, where people on bikes tend to ride by going way too fast. We're very careful, but it's impossible to see around corners and such.. and I've told John that if anyone hits Riley, the first thing he's to do is get on the phone to an attorney.. and get money for bail, because I'm going to put the jackass in the hospital.


On a more positive note.. Riley and Token are both doing well. Still hope Token gets adopted out, but he's a good little dog.

It's been 3 or 4 months since Riley has been around an adult Wheaten. Now that Riley is pretty much full grown, I thought he was much shorter than average based on what I saw of him and the adult months ago. I was wrong. After checking the wiki, it seems that Wheaten males average 17-20 inches in height, and Riley is 21 inches at his shoulders.. so he's a good height. The wiki says the average weight is 35-45 pounds, and he's only 30 pounds now.. but he's very lean and obviously has much room to fill out. I think he'll gain about 7 or 8 pounds, putting him in the right range. His adult teeth have come in perfect, and physically he's in excellent condition.

The thing we learned in puppy training was that the first 6 months need to be all about fun and games.. nothing negative. That's how we worked with Riley and you can see what a difference that makes in comparison to Token's behavior. Token was obviously not trained that way. Riley is just funny as hell, very entertaining, and seems happy all the time.

Last week, he dropped a deuce by the back door.. and I mildly scolded him for it, and he knew that he had done a bad thing. It was even funny the way he reacted with the sort of downcast "I'm sorry" look. He's still a terrier though, and can be stubborn about things. Sometimes he'll just sit there and stare at you while you say "Riley, come here"... as if he's just making the point that he's his own dog, and we don't own him. I think I've worked out a solution for this. It's called a "Beggin' Strip"... and apparently it tastes just like real bacon.



Kor said...

RE: The Baconesque qualities of Beggin' Strips -

Anonymous said...

My dog is a dog biscuit whore. He will do anything for a treat...but hey, so do I.