Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Falling Upward

SAN FRANCISCO – Oracle Corp. has hired former Hewlett-Packard Co. CEO Mark Hurd to help lead the database software maker in a pivotal moment in Oracle's 33-year history as it tries to muscle in on more of HP's turf.

Hurd's appointment Monday as co-president of Oracle comes a month after he resigned from HP following a sexual harassment investigation.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison loudly came to Hurd's defense at the time, calling HP's decision to oust Hurd the worst personnel decision since Apple Inc. forced out Steve Jobs — another of Ellison's friends — 25 years ago.

I remember when Mark Hurd forced the HP employees to take a pay cut, while at the same time he was getting paid more than 20 million a year. Then Hurd turns into an even bigger douchebag because he can't control his dick.. and ends up getting a new job that pays millions.

That's American capitalism. It's an inbred philosophy where the buddy system isn't just something infantile college frats engage in. It's a system of corporate life. It's why the pay for these fuckers is out of control, and why there is rarely any real consequences for bad behavior.

Meanwhile.. the prols get shit on, over and over. You'd think at some point people will have had enough and do something other than just shooting up the office. That's a pretty stupid way to address the issue. I'd suggest hitting them where it really hurts - changing the tax rates, but we all know that's impossible. The GOP has convinced the mouth breathers that rich people shouldn't be bothered by taxes.

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