Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weak -2

The Cowboys certainly did look terrible against the Texans. They were obviously keeping their schemes and plays simple, and Houston was taking advantage of that.

Normally, it's best not to read too much into a pre-season game. This game was a little different though, as there were a remarkable number of individual mistakes. Heck, Romo ends up on his back when a nose tackle basically runs right by Andre Gurode? That's not good. Both the offensive and defensive lines played awful.

With the Cowboys, you expect lots of dumb mistakes. That's just the nature of a team that is built mainly of athletic players that might not be the sharpest of intellects. The key is whether their athleticism allows them to physically dominate the other team's players enough to compensate for the dumb plays.

It remains be seen. I'm sure everyone is just ready to get the season started.


I'm thinking about changing the blog design, now that I don't need a super high contrast scheme to be able to read it. Things may be in flux.

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