Monday, August 02, 2010

Bowl Bound

The Cowboys are opening up the season next Sunday in the Hall of Fame game. The first regular season game is September 12 against Washington. They will crush the 'Skins. In fact, I don't see any real competition out of the NFC East. Dallas does have one of the toughest schedules in the league though. The Monday night game will be against the Giants.

I just don't see any weakness in the team. Well, maybe the kicker.. it's hard to say, he's never had field goal duties in an NFL game before. The offense is loaded, Flozell Adams is gone. The defense will be dominating, with the only potential weak spot at safety, depending on how Alan Ball plays. Both corners are pro-bowlers. DeMarcus Ware will destroy everything, which will alow the opposite side OLB to produce even more this year. The middle will continue to be clogged up with Olshansky's fat ass, and Ratliff mauling the center. We've also got a new version of Keith Brooking in Sean Lee. The kid is going to be a wrecking crew.

It's all going to come down to Romo. Last year was pretty good for him, but he's going to have to play looser this year. With this defense, the occasional turn over won't be as costly.

Yes, the Cowboys will be playing in the Super Bowl.. in their home stadium. Count on it.


I used "this year" about a billion times in the post. We all know I'm talking about this up-coming season..


Dan said...

I can't understand why people are so high on Doug Free at LT. Other than that, I agree.

Tom said...

I'm big on Doug Free for the same exact reason I was predicting big things form Miles Austin before last season started. I kid you not, seems like during the 2008 season, I'd keep saying "Austing needs to start" to John every game.. and sure enough, he turns out to be very T.O. like, without the doucheyness and dropped passes.

Not saying I have better instincts for players than NFL scouts and coaches, but you can just see it. I saw big problems with Roy Williams before his second game in Dallas, and sure enough.. he's too big, too slow, too well paid causing him to not have that fire that Austin does.. and it's the same deal with Doug Free.

I think it was the second game or something.. Felix Jones breaks a long run and watching the replay, Free was 30 yards down the field, crushing a DB at the sideline. The rest of the O line was at the line. Free was playing like he wasn't going to get to eat unless he dominated the other team.

Besides the fire, you can see really good technique from him. He's not as big as Adams, and he's quicker. DB's were running outside and past Adams untouched, over and over. Free has a quick first step and really good balance.. combined with the strength. He can intercept a quick end, plus he's strong enough to face up to a bull rush.

Oh.. and he can play either side. Most guys can either step right or left, but not both.

And what is he? Something like 24? The entire rest of the line is over 30.

I don't think Doug Free is going to the pro bowl soon, but I think he's going to play like he wants to. He'll make a few mistakes against guys he's never played again before, but I honestly think he's a huge upgrade over Adams. The rest of the line is solid.

Another prediction.. Marion Barber isn't physically right. He broke something that can't be fixed, and he can't run people over anymore. He's going to be given opportunities, but Felix Jones is going to over shadow him more and more, and by mid season, Jones will get the majority of the carries with Tashard Choice carrying on 3rd and short, and goal lines. Jones is going to have a big year, unless he gets hurt.. and he has proven to be a bit fragile.. but if Barber fades by say.. game 4, Jones will have an opportunity to get his name mentioned for the pro bowl.

I'm also very very happy that Bobby Carpenter is gone. Sean Lee is going to be a force.. everything that Carpenter wasn't.

If Dez Bryant hadn't got hurt, with the high ankle sprain - missing the rest of preseason, I would have predicted that he make Roy Williams a bench warmer with Patrick Crayton opposite Austin and Bryant in the slot.

It's very exciting.