Monday, July 12, 2010

Spank Me Harder

Greenwald has written an essay about the terminology used to describe certain politicians. He focuses on Elliot Spitzer and the "disgraced" lable that is constantly applied to him, while that same label is not used with various right wing lunatics such as Newt Gingrich.. and David Vitter.

The very next article I read from the AP

WASHINGTON – Republican Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana says he supports conservative organizations challenging President Barack Obama's citizenship in court.

Vitter, who is running for re-election, made the comments at a town hall-style event in Metairie, La., on Sunday when a constituent asked what he would do about what the questioner said was Obama's "refusal to produce a valid birth certificate."

If you read the entire article, it says nothing about Vitter's involvement with multiple prostitutes, and his penchant for diapers.

He's a severely sick and twisted christian freak..

And he's going to get re-elected.


DES MOINES, Iowa – Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Monday he's seriously considering seeking the Republican presidential nomination and will announce his decision early next year.

Gingrich, 67, told The Associated Press that he would focus on helping Republican candidates through the midterm elections in November, then decide in February or March whether to seek the GOP nomination.

"I've never been this serious," Gingrich said.

Lol.. lol

As Greenwald notes;

in the 3 years since he confessed to James Dobson that he was cheating on his second wife with his then-mistress-and-congressional-aide/now-third-wife, at the same time as he was leading the Clinton impeachment hearings

That second wife he was cheating on was recieving cancer treatments at the time.

Republicans are usually christians.. and that means they are immoral freaks. Somehow they get away with it every time.

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