Thursday, July 15, 2010

Peas in a Pod

I have Windows 7 64bit on my computer. I like it a lot. It's a fantastic operating system and I'm super pleased with it. I'm starting to get the bug to do a rebuild, upgrading components and such, but can find little reason to do so right now. None of the games I'm playing are testing my current hardware.

I am perplexed by this. Normally there is some new and exciting game that I have to have that runs like crap, and so I drop some money and have fun rebuilding the rig. Right now.. nothing.

Windows comes with some basic games, one of them is Chess Titans. I'm becoming addicted to it. Unfortunately it doesn't have an option to play a human opponent over the internet.. not that I'm good enough to play a human being yet.

I wonder.. for the people that play over the internet, what is to stop them from having a commercial chess program, set at the highest level, running at the same time so as to choose the moves for a player?


Kor said...

Crysis 2 is due soon, but thats about it. iD's Rage wont be due until next year.

Software tech has been stagnating for a while now due to the increased popularity of console development.

Tom said...

I wonder how the different platforms compare in game sales. I would think the PC is still the top seller, isn't it?

Maybe the problem is cross platform development.. where games are dumbed down for the limited resources in the current consoles.

I've been looking at some screen shots of Cataclysm, and it's the same shit that's in the game now. The game looks 5 years old, and they're not bothering to update the core tech. Considering how much money wow brings in, it's bullshit imo.

Kor said...

WoW is a slightly different scenario, they need to ensure that the game runs on a huge base of systems. As a result the visual fidelity is kept reasonably low.

But yeah cross platform development is at the core of it. Tech is built to squeeze everything possible out of the fixed hardware of the console platforms, and some of the stuff they pull off on 5 year old tech is pretty impressive. However it also leads to shoddy ports to the PC where they basically just grab the 360 build and shunt it to the PC platform and run it thought an new complier without any real optimisation or reworks to take advantage of the platform. Generally it's not a huge problem as PC's are monumentally more powerful but a lot of that grunt is just going to waste as opposed to the good old days where PC's were the place to be.

These days all the money is in hyper marketed console shooters (see Halo and Gears of War) and MMO's. Developers are starting to take focus off the PC due to piracy issues (even though you can still crack over a million copies sold if you make a decent enough game), and the fact that there's less hardware variances so you run into less problems when it comes to coding the titles and the QA process.

Still willing to bet Starcraft 2 will break every sales record ever when it launches the week after next though, but that's not going to be a game that pushes the limits of technology.