Monday, July 19, 2010

Hollywood Sucks

I just put my Netflix account on hold. If at the end of the hold period (October 15) there still isn't anything worth watching, I'll probably just cancel it.. and I've had Netflix for a very long time.

The movie industry is awful.. just completely awful. It's just a giant pile of shit, with maybe 5 movies in a year worth watching.

I guess the industry still makes some money.. from insipid vampire movies that 12 year olds like.


And something else I've noticed. The live music business is in free fall also. They're employing sleazy tactics to generate additional revenue. I bought "VIP" tickets to see Rush in September. I did this because I wanted to have really really really good seats to see Rush. I've seen them a bunch of times, but not with these good of seats. To even be able to buy these tickets, they force to you to buy a "VIP" package, which includes a bunch of bullshit items that you don't give a flying fuck about.. a tour poster.. t-shirts.. guitar picks.. at ridiculously inflated prices.

I just wanted the tickets to the show, and I was willing to pay for them... this one time. It will never happen again.

I will never pay these kinds of prices for a live tour ever again. I'll simply pirate the concert DVD/Blue Ray that these douchebags put out to make additional money, and watch it on the comfy kick-ass home theatre... for free.

If they want my money.. they'll price their live shows reasonably, and I might go. It's doubtful, but for 30 bucks I might go see a live show. If somebody else wants to pay the high prices, great.. enjoy. Not me.

The coming wave in music is not from known artists.. it's not from the douches trying to make absurd amounts of money.. it's from the people that do it just because they have fun with it.. and don't bother to charge any money. My guess it'll be a successful donation style model.


Dan said...

Have you seen The Road? I watched it last night, and it's probably the best movie I've seen in a few years.

Tom said...

I haven't seen it, but added it to my netflix queue, so I'll see it at some point when I turn it back on.

Odd I've never heard of it.