Wednesday, June 23, 2010


MINNEAPOLIS – A Lutheran pastor ardently critical of allowing gays into the clergy is on leave from his Minneapolis church after a gay magazine reported his attendance at a support group for men struggling with same-sex attraction.

Church officials, however, said Wednesday that the Rev. Tom Brock likely will return to the pulpit at Hope Lutheran Church because he acted in accordance with his faith by attending the group.

A fixture on local cable access shows, Brock regularly broadcasts conservative views on homosexuality and criticizes the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for liberalizing its gay clergy policy. Lavender Magazine published a story last week about Brock's quiet attendance of the Faith in Action meetings, written by a reporter who falsely posed as a member of the group.

So there's 3 types of men in this world.

One type is gay.. is attracted to people of the same gender.. are well adjusted and happy with their situation.

One type is hetero.. who are attracted to people of the opposite sex. They rarely, if ever.. think or talk about Teh Gay. It's a non-issue for them.

The third type likes to go on and on about the evils of Teh Gay because they are gay themselves and are tortured by it. It's the Doug Gibbs' type.. They are totally fixated on people of the same gender because they desperately want some and never get it. They are seriously twisted people.

Oh.. and I guess there's a 4th type.. the bi's.. which applies to just about everyone to one degree or another.. but whatever.

The fucked up people who try to make life miserable for the well adjusted homos are scumbags who deserve every bad thing in their life... and more. No compassion for those fuckers.


kris said...

funny that, innit?

lol you think they'd learn.

Tom said...

Yes.. I always find those stories amusing.

I keep waiting for Doug's "How I overcame the homo" post..