Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Thrill of Victory

Yesterday, Riley avenged his 2nd place finish in last week's event by dominating the "Come Here" competition. His first round opponent was the hated rival that edged him out the previous week, the six month old yellow lab, Duke. Duke is rumored to be on performance enhancing drugs, as he's far larger than the rest of the field. Despite this obvious cheating, Riley handled him with ease.

The "Come Here" competition pits two doggie athletes in a battle of wits and speed. The trainers hold the dog's leash and distract it at one end of the room, while the owners attempt to get their dog's attention and have it come to them at the other side of the room before the other dog, in a single elimination tournament.

Riley employed two strategies. Against slower appearing competition, he simply out-ran his opponent. Against quicker dogs, he played mind tricks. Upon leash drop, Riley would engage his rival in faux-doggy play, making the other dog forget the rules of the event. Once the opponent was sufficiently distracted, Riley would make a mad dash for his owner, and victory.

And to the victor go the spoils. Riley chose the red trophy from the basket of offerings.

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