Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hate Them Back

Someone needs a serious beat-down;

The Magistrate had denied bail to the couple, which is an extreme rarity for a non-violent crime. The Magistrate also permitted witnesses from the gallery and court personnel to abuse the couple during official court proceedings.

This was enabled by American christian nutjobs, and supported by freaks like Doug Gibbs.. Those men are going to be tortured, and forced into 14 years of hard labor, simply for being gay and caring about each other. In other parts of the world, it's far worse.

That is what christianity represents.. and the silence from those that consider themselves a "different" kind of christian puts them in the same class as the evil mother fuckers that caused this.

Fortunately, the fuckers really can't touch American gays, other than try to legally screw with issues like end of life care. But if/when it ever comes to more than just moral condemnation, we will fuck them up.. in very serious ways.

It'll make Stonewall look like a peace march.

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