Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Smells Like Freedom

BAGHDAD – An agreement signed by Iraq's two main Shiite blocs seeking to govern the country gives the final decision on all their political disputes to top Shiite clerics, according to a copy obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday.

If the alliance succeeds in forming the next government, the provision could increase the role of senior clergy in politics. The provision would likely further alienate Iraq's Sunni minority, which already feels excluded by Shiite dominance and had been hoping that March's election would boost their say in power.

The newly announced alliance between the Shiite blocs practically ensures they will form the core of any new government and squeeze out the top vote getter, the secular Iraqiya list, which was largely backed by Sunnis. But the terms of the alliance show the deep distrust between the two Shiite partners and seek to limit the powers of the prime minister.

10 years.. some trillion dollars.. hundreds of thousands of dead human beings, including thousands of American soldiers..

And the religious nutbags control the country.

You cannot botch anything worse than the whole cluster-fuck has been botched. No doubt, the whole process will repeated someplace else before long.

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