Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shave and a Hair Cut

Riley lost a lot of the dark color typical of very young wheatens, and he's getting more of the beige color. He's growing like mad.

This week at puppy obedience class, he came in 2nd place in the "sit competition". It was was like musical chairs, but when the music stopped, you tell the dog to sit, and the last dog to do it is eliminated. The previous week's homework assignment had been to teach the dog to sit, so that was a pretty good test.

Out of something like 8 dogs, Riley came in 2nd.. losing out to a 6 month old yellow lab. IMO - the lab was cheating and should have been disqualified since he's not really a puppy.

This week's assingment is "stay". After Riley completes the puppy program, he'll start the standard training, and then after that, the advanced AKC training program. It's going to take upwards of a year I guess.


Anonymous said...

You are probably not the best example of obedience for the poor pup. I guess do as I say not as I do? :-) Hope you have a sense of humor.

Dan said...

Are you planning on doing the whole Show Dog thing? Or just want the AKC training?

Tom said...

He has really good breeding, but he's not a show dog (no champions in his line). We just want the AKC training. It's a lot more involved than I thought it was.

Right now he has razor sharp teeth and likes to use them. He doesn't bite hard, or intentionally to damage, but he's very mouthy on everything. I look like a junkie right now.

Kor said...

Hes in better knick than my cat...

He got into a fight this week and got his tounge torn to shreds. Had to have the tip amputated and the whole thing sewn back up the middle.