Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sink or Swim

Doug thinks the people of Haiti (and presumably this includes children) should be left to their fates;

Our aid to Haiti must have a limit. Our compassion should be a hand up, and then once Haiti is on its feet, we must withdraw. Failure to limit the aid is creating more harm than good, and Haiti's already poor population is now becoming yet another group of citizens dependent upon the American taxpayer for a bunch of handouts.

Criticism for my attitude regarding this issue is duly noted, and I truly do not desire Haiti to sink. But, if Haiti does collapse after aid is withdrawn, it is nobody's fault but Haiti's. It is not the U.S. taxpayer's responsibility to ensure the people of Haiti are self-reliant. They must make that decision themselves. Their survival is a direct result of their choices, and if they choose to fail, that is their choice, and we should not assist in their collapse by becoming an enabling variable by continuing to pour more and more aid into the nation.

If the aid continues, the population of Haiti will begin to believe it is entitled to the assistance, and they will ultimately completely set aside their responsibility to take care of themselves, much like the welfare-addicts of America have become.

It's remarkable how little regard he has for human beings, when his thoughts regarding the disaster in Haiti is more about making sure they don't turn into "welfare queens". He casts an entire nation of people into a single category.

And it's worth noting that the only time Doug posts these warnings is when it's a majority of black people that are affected. It's that undercurrent of racism that infects everything about him.

Doug makes the assumption that people will not "work" if there is an alternative of "government aid". He goes even further now and assumes that whatever levels of aid that have been extended to the citizens of Haiti is enough, and they must now live or die on their own.

Doug really does have the most vile view of humanity. He assumes most people are simply lazy and have no desire to work and improve their lives. This is his greatest moral failing, I think. It perfectly captures his core essence, and priorities of a "christian" right wing freak.

It's disgusting.


A reasonable, non-twisted-as-fuck, person would make the obvious connection that an indefinite and unlimited aid to anyone is simply not feasible. The issue is one of character.

What is the first thing you think of when you consider the disaster in Haiti? Does "they're all going to become welfare queens" jump into your mind first? Is that your primary concern?

The answers to those questions will tell you what sort of human being you are.

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