Thursday, April 01, 2010

Quote of the Day

For that matter, the weird theology that the old hippie espoused would be a ghastly basis for a world, and any culture in which Jesus would be comfortable would be a nightmare for the rest of us. - PZ Myers

A satisfying back and forth between Sullivan and Myers. Sullivan had argued that the christian nut-jobs that were recently arrested while planning a an anti-government coup are not really christans. PZ took exception to Sullivan being the one who gets to decide who is really a christian, and who is just a nut.

I liked PZ's list describing who isn't really a christian.. and that list contains pretty much everyone who calls themselves a christian.

Sullivan has a problem that is endemic with all religious people. If they were actually honest with themselves, they'd admit what a horrifying sham it all is.. but they are desperate that there be some sort of definition of why we are here.

I think Neil Peart said it best..

Why are we here? Because we're here... roll the bones

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