Thursday, April 01, 2010


Doug.. pretending he actually has a pair of balls;

While I was at the Showdown in Searchlight Tea Party on March 27, a news crew from Ireland approached my group and asked if we were willing to take up arms against our government. The woman standing next to me said, "Yes, my husband and I believe that we may have to do so, and we are willing to if needed."

When the television camera was pointed at me, and the microphone was thrust in my face, I said, "If necessary."

Doug likes to beat his chest on occasion.. he's got guns.. he's a "freedom lovin' Murkin".. but all of these freaks are cowards.. pure and simple. That "necessary" will never come to pass. He just likes to type, and pretend. That's all the religious freaks with 2 inch dicks know how to do.

Impress us Doug. Why don't you take on the United States Federal Government. Why don't you "take up your arms" and show us what a man you are. Hopefully it gets put on the teevee.

Jesus fuckin' Christ.. what a bunch of derranged impotent freaks.


andrew said...

You, my friend, are an ignorant ass.

Tom said...

You make such a compelling argument.

And we're not "friends".