Thursday, April 08, 2010

Get Ready For It, Boy

LONDON – Actor Michael Caine offered support Thursday for a Conservative Party proposal of a civilian service program — drawing on his working-class roots to appeal for help for disaffected youths.

The two-time Oscar winning actor appeared on the same stage as opposition leader David Cameron to support the National Citizen Service.

"You may think to yourself 'what the hell is he doing here, why is he here?'," Caine said after being introduced by Cameron at a news conference. "I'm here because I'm a representative of all those youngsters that have been forgotten in this country."

Just sort of a comparison of "conservative" ideology. The right wingers in the UK are suggesting what right wingers in the US accuse Obama of a Hitler-esque program.

It really is unbelievable how insane the American right wing is. Heck, in the UK, the Torries love Teh Gay.


Sort of related.. a Tea Bagging freak has been arrested for threatening Nancy Pelosi. On it's own, that's not so remarkable.. but the good parts;

Rose Riggs, a neighbor of Giusti in a public housing complex in the city's Tenderloin district, said she saw two plainclothes and two uniformed officers take him away in zip-tie cuffs. Riggs, 62, said Giusti was known for engaging in heated political debates with others in the building...

Sister Lorna Walsh, community operations manager of the Mercy Housing complex where Giusti lives, said he had lived in the subsidized housing for almost 10 years. She would not comment further

Giusti also has a record of skipping out on his BART fares and causing disruptions. BART sued him in 1996.

He also has two convictions in San Francisco for welfare fraud and petty theft from 1992.

So.. he's on welfare and lives in subsidized housing... and now threatening the Speaker of the House over "socialized" health insurance.

It reminds of that tea bagging organizer from last summer who bitched up a storm, and also on unemployment and disability benefits.

The whole discussion is absurd. A bunch of really stupid people go ape-shit, and the media covers it as some sort of spectator sport. It's the same exact reason Palin gets so much air time. She's one of the dumbest people on planet, but is center stage in our political debate.

Of course, the media encourages idiotic behavior by rewarding it again and again. It's as if it's too boring to be at least semi-coherent.


Anonymous said...

Not really on topic but.. who f' names a district 'Tenderloin'?

Tom said...

I dunno.. meat packing dominates the area? Just a guess..

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Civilian service corps has not been a conservative push, I don't know where you get that - The liberals are the one's pushing such a plan with the GIVE Act. by the way, to answer your surprise over my volume of writing, also take into consideration I go to work about 3:30 am, get home about 6:30 to 7:30 pm . . . hmmmmmm, amazing how the dumbest person on the planet can do so much with so little time.

Tom said...

An ape at a zoo can fling a lot of poo as well. Doesn't mean he isn't just full of shit.

Tom said...

Oh.. and "where I get that" is from the article I linked in my post.

The very first sentence;

for a Conservative Party proposal of a civilian service program

The point of my post was to contrast the conservatives in the UK to the conservatives in the US. In the UK, the conservatives are pushing an agenda for a national youth service program, which conservatives in the US have characterizes as hitler-esque when Obama proposed it here.

My point is that UK conservatives are often to the left of Obama.

Remember those commericals from years ago for RIF? yeah..