Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Deep Thoughts

I got an email today from H&R Block, reminding me that taxes are due next week.

I filed my taxes a month ago.. with H&R Block.


In other news.. Chaquita quit her job keeping our shit straight (so to speak). We've interviewed a few candidates to replace her, and it's pretty amazing the torrent of resumes that come flying in when you post a low paying part time job on craig's list. Some of them were way over qualified, and one of them even wanted $45k to start.

Uh huh

Any of those with associations to christian groups in the emails get deleted straight off... although, if we have to do this again some time, it might be fun to invite one over for an interview and go waaaaay Gay! on them just to see what happens. Maybe buy a sling and set it up in the family room or some shit. LOL

The Chaquita is dead! Long live Chaquita!


Kor said...

Did she call your a socialist nazi when she did? I understand people like her do that.

Anonymous said...

How much does it pay? I'm looking for a second income with minimal work. :-) Do you require that I actually have to do something and what are the fringe benefits?

Tom said...

The pay is low.. you have to slave for us.. and the benefits depend on what you look like..


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the job I have now. Slave part could be fun. Never tried that one before.

Tom said...

Alrighty then..