Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Stunning Level of Stupid

Doug Gibbs edition;

In a recent article I wrote that the Health Care legislation that Obama signed today was headed to the courts. In response, more than a dozen leftwing crazies screamed at me, "But you said about the courts. . . !"

The sentence I am figuring got the liberals bent all out of shape was: "In the meantime, many expect the courts to be called upon to determine if this legislation is Constitutional."

Apparently that is where they stopped reading, because in the very next paragraph I wrote: "Even if the Supreme Court determines the unconstitutionality of this legislation, it will stay on the books until it can be repealed legislatively."

In other words, the courts cannot make law, or repeal law. But, if the Health Care legislation, in the opinion of the United States Supreme Court, is found to be unconstitutional, will the Democrat Party-led Congress be willing to repeal the law?

The answer is a resounding "No."

He figured wrong.

What got the "Liberals bent" is that in one post, he argues that the Supreme Court has no authority to do anything at all, and in the next, says that they will be reviewing the HCR legislation. But, for what reason?

Doug insists that the Supreme Court does not have the authority to strike down legislation, making any ruling unenforceable. The obvious question (which Doug is too stupid to realize) is that without that authority, there is zero point to the SC reviewing the legislation. Congress would be under no obligation to change anything merely because of the findings of a federal branch of government that has no authority what-so-ever.

Doug is living in a fantasy world, where he thinks things work much different than they actually do. The Supreme Court may very well find that requiring citizens to buy insurance from private companies is unconstitutional. That's not an empty exercise. The HCR law would immediately (barring a stay) become null and void until Congress removes that provision.

It's hard to fathom how brain damaged a human must be to type the shit that Doug spews out on a regular basis. Then he has the temerity to call everyone else the dumb ones.

That takes great big giant brass ones...

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kris said...

I long for these people to have the humility of learning. The combination of their arrogance and ignorance takes my breath away.

Again, Atrilce III. Which part of "any case" don't they understand?